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This website and law practice are dedicated to legal issues concerning school hazing, hazing injury, hazing death, fraternity injury and fraternity death cases, and related matters.

That you have found this website indicates that you are, or someone you love is, likely experiencing a traumatic event.  We express sincere condolences, from the entire staff.

Our practice is truly unique in that it is the only nationwide legal team focusing on hazing issues for victims.  We established the specialty, going so far as to create the first (and only) national practice group in this area of law within the American Association for Justice.  We refer to such work as “Justice-50,” reflecting our value that justice must be vigorously pursued and consistently obtained in these tragedies, in all 50 states.  We obtain special permission to practice in any state where tragedy happens, locating and associating ourselves with qualified local trial counsel to form an effective team with national expertise and local experience.

We specialize in lawsuits involving school death and injury, hazing, college and fraternity rape and sexual assault, and serious personal injury.  We measure our effectiveness by things equally important to the amount of money our client receives or the size of a judgment obtained at trial.  Parents and victims justly demand that comprehensive changes be imposed upon the institutions that caused or failed to prevent their trauma.  It is not always just about money, though we have successfully obtained (and collected) tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, results and experience which we believe no other firm comes even close to matching.  We have sought and obtained enforceable concessions from defendants designed to make institutions (universities and school groups) better managed and safer, allowing personal legacies to endure.  We have created new legal precedent to aid victims nationwide.

We successfully negotiated the historic, complex settlement with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech University on behalf of 20 families/clients who suffered the loss of a loved one or traumatic gunshot injuries as a result of the April 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech.  John McCammon, founder of The McCammon Group and mediator of the settlement, described these accomplishments in the following terms:  “I think that you [partner Peter Grenier] and Doug have been stellar.  You have served your clients so well and at the same time distinguished yourselves as first class, effective, efficient, practical and collaborative attorneys who know how to deal with the big issues.  While tough on substance, you were smooth on style.  That is a difficult combination to pull off.  My hat is off to both of you.”

Numerous other – equally important – examples of our work are set forth for your review on this site.

Because many of our clients also need the best legal advocacy concerning criminal proceedings that often arise from these tragedies, our team is establishing an of-counsel relationship with two of the country’s foremost criminal/trial lawyers, William “Billy” Martin and Kerry Verdi, headquartered in D.C., who, like us, are retained by people and businesses nationwide.  Billy and Kerry have unequalled success in navigating the criminal (and civil) process in some of this country’s highest-profile cases.  The Washington Post Magazine recently featured Billy and his work.  We believe that our work together delivers to our clients the strongest legal and courtroom experience available.

The search for qualified counsel following this type of tragedy is as difficult as it is important.  You should ask lawyers you interview for specific examples of the number and type of school cases they have handled, including the results obtained.  School or college death and injury cases are often fundamentally different from claims involving medical malpractice, automobile accidents, slip and falls, and the other types of tort claims trial lawyers most often handle.  We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.  If we cannot assist you directly, we are happy to provide you with referrals to other qualified lawyers around the country.  All communications with our school violence team are confidential.

Our clients have traveled paths that may be similar to the one you are presently on.  They have valuable insights they are willing to share (including, of course, regarding our work).  Many clients have become strong advocates, as a matter of necessity.  Please feel free to inquire about this, and, where appropriate, we will gladly have them provide you with any insight or assistance you may require.


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